Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda is a small UK based charity working at the grass roots with the people for the people, to overcome unimaginable poverty.

About Us

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Planting for Hope Uganda (PfHU) is a UK charity started 2 years ago by Kate Oakley, a retired teacher, who had been working as a volunteer in Uganda for several years. Apollo Saku, a graduate from Makrere University, was appointed as the Ugandan project leader for PfHU. He has extensive community insight and knowledge and worked with Kate for six years on a similar project. The UK charity and a small group of volunteers raise money to help develop a sustainable wealth creation programme for the villagers of Kititi.

Planting for Hope Uganda raised enough money in October 2014 to buy two buildings which were Cornerstone School. There were walls and roofs but not much more. The few desks had been eaten by termites, most of the children sat on the floor or knelt at benches.The very few books were shared around and most children didn't have pencils or paper. However it did have plenty of land, 320 children desperate to learn and a small number of hardworking, creative staff who did their best in these difficult circumstances.

The formation of a women's cooperative and the purchase of land were the first steps towards achieving our aims. Very quickly, they formed a cohesive team and the hope this gave them, was inspiring. They farm the land, make crafts, take part in training programmes and write songs and plays to enterain the village. They are also learning to speak English!

We now have a small, basic clinic which is only open two days a week providing limited outpatient care. Most of the medical supplies are donated by supporters from the UK. There are plans to enlarge the clinic to provide dental, maternity and much needed inpatient facilities for conditions such as malaria. There are also plans to bring mains electricity to the village, improve sanitation and drill a bore hole to provide fresh water.