Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda is a small UK based charity working at the grass roots with the people for the people, to overcome unimaginable poverty.

Women's Co-operative

  • Creating sustainable farming projects
  • Growing food to feed their families and improving diet
  • Making and selling handicrafts
  • Learning new skills through training programmes
  • Interacting with other communities (performing songs and plays they have written.)
  • £5.00 would buy maize seed to plant an acre of land
  • The formation of the Kititi Womenís cooperative in 2013 gave them hope. They have welcomed the opportunity to work together and become self supporting. They have formed a committee, allocating roles and responsibilities to each member and meeting regularly. It has become the driving force of the cooperative, everyone is listened to and democratic decisions are made.

    The purchase of land by PfHU and training in sustainable farming has enabled them to grow their own food such as aubergines, carrots, onions and chillies which are shared amongst the cooperative and other villagers in need. Some surplus produce is now sold in the markets in Masala and the money is used to buy luxuries such as salt and oil, or reinvested in more crop seed.

    They have also started to make crafts including paper bead jewellery which we are selling in the UK at our many fund raising events. The proceeds from the sales are returned to the cooperative to help their development and subsidise some of the school fees.