Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda is a small UK based charity working at the grass roots with the people for the people, to overcome unimaginable poverty.


  • Developing a community Clinic to provide primary health care
  • Supporting the elderly and vunerable
  • Improving diet
  • Providing health education
  • Providing free medical care, assessment and referrals
  • 10 would buy Malaria tablets for ten children A blanket or a matress
  • Most of the villagers have been given a mattress and a mosquito net to help reduce jiggers and malaria. We now have a small but immensely popular clinic: because there is such demand for health services we have had to put up a sun shelter to shade the queues of villagers who wait for hours to see Dr. Baker and nurse Daphne. They are limited in what they can provide for patients because of the lack of facilities and equipment.

    The clinic is only able to provide help on an outpatient basis. The charity would like to develop a small in patient facility to cope with more serious illnesses such as malaria.

    Dr. Baker is always pleased to receive donations of medical supplies from the U.K. As with everything in Africa money is the key and it is hoped that in the future we will be able to expand the service offered.

    A larger clinic and a more frequent medical service would have a huge impact on the health of the community. A boda boda (motorcycle) would enable Dr. Baker to visit the elderly and vunerable who cannot get into the clinic. It would also allow him to make regular assessment visits to the school.