Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda is a small UK based charity working at the grass roots with the people for the people, to overcome unimaginable poverty.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

We work in Kititi a bush village in South East Uganda. It is a desperately poor region lacking most of the facilities we take for granted in the western world. Kititi is inhabited by mainly women, children and the elderly. There is very little opportunity for paid work and families go hungry and uneducated.They have had little or no access to clean water or medical care. In spite of this, they are a happy, friendly, generous community and rejoice in the smallest of improvements in their daily lives. PfHU is working with the community to provide some of the basic human needs and to build hope for a better future for their families.

Our Vision:

To empower the community of Kititi by working with them to develop a self-supporting and sustainable future. We are committed to improve diet and clean water, education and job opportunities, health care, housing and sanitation, sustainable farming projects, electricity, and supporting the elderly

Our Values

Love and Community:

We believe that love and solidarity are powerful tools for bringing about change. With these values we strive to build a strong, caring and compassionate community.

Respect and Dignity: We consider all people to be equal and should be treated with respect and dignity to empower them to be the best that they can be.

Hope and Determination: We are convinced that hope gives people confidence and courage and determination to work for a better future.

Cooperation and Partnership: The spirit of cooperation underpins our work and we uphold the value of working in partnership with the community of Kititi.

Accountability and Stewardship: We are accountable for how we use the funds raised by our supporters. We ensure that our decision-making is open and transparent. We measure our impact and are always striving to improve our performance. We are committed to being effective in our stewardship of all the funds and resources available to us.