Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda

Planting for Hope Uganda is a small UK based charity working at the grass roots with the people for the people, to overcome unimaginable poverty.


  • Cornerstone Nursery and primary school.
  • Ensuring all children of school age are getting an education
  • Establishing vocational courses for older children.
  • Building and equipping two dormitories for boys and girls in year 7
  • Equipping the school with desks, text books and teaching aids
  • £5.00 per month would buy a school uniform including shoes and Porridge to feed a child for a term
  • Cornerstone is a private school, started in 2005 in Kititi by the local pastor, because hundreds of uneducated children in the area had no schooling. Two class room blocks, two latrines and a small kitchen were built two years later after the villagers worked together to make bricks. There was no money for doors, windows or floors. Children were infested with Jigger flea eggs from the earth floor.

    For 9 years the school struggled with no books, few desks, very little stationery and mostly untrained teachers. The school managed to keep going because some of the children were sponsored and some parents were able to pay at least some school fees.

    Planting for Hope Uganda raised enough money in 2014 to buy the school building. Funds were raised to install concrete floors, and some doors and windows. Eight latrines, tip tap hand washing facilities and a staff room have been built. The school now has fifty, four seater desks and teachers now have a syllabus and text books. Many of the children are sponsored by UK residents and the sponsor money enables the children have a school uniform, exercise books and a bowl of porridge each day.

    To help the school develop and provide the range of subjects needed for children to be educated in the twenty first century, funds are still required for doors and window for the school, food for the children to have at least one meal a day, to buy age appropriate educational materials, text books and computers, to provide recreational facilities and equipment and to introduce vocational skills - plus much more. There is also a need to build two dormitories. Many children walk long distances to and from school, often fetching water and firewood before and after school. They have no light at home after 7pm to do homework and often have to go back to school to do extra work until 10pm. A dormitory would ease this burden on them.

    If you would like to help with this educational project by making a donation or sponsoring a child please see the ‘donate’ page.

    Thank you for your help with our mission.